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Green Infrastructure

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Input to EC Green Infrastructure Strategy
During the whole project, permanent contact has been maintained with Marco Fritz - policy officer within the EC DG Environment's Biodiversity unit, responsible for shaping the EC strategy on Green Infrastructure.

Marco Fritz was invited as a speaker in the following project and local meetings. He also came to the technical visits to see in place examples of Green Infrastructure in Sevilla and Vitoria-Gasteiz.


  • 2nd Project meeting in Sevilla 2010: The role of natural periurban areas (PNA) in urban and territorial management models.


Fritz intervention: Green Infrastructure, European Commission


  • 8th Project meeting in Bruxelles 2012: working session on periurban areas
  • Fedenatur local meeting in Vitoria-Gasteiz 2012: Green infrastructure in the city: The role of periurban natural and rural spaces


Several partners of Periurban Parks and from FEDENATUR have completed surveys required by Marco Fritz.

Through the EHF- European Habitats Forum, FEDENATUR has also given input to DGENV in order to take into consideration periurban areas (periurban semi-natural agro-ecological parks, green city parks, periurban re-naturalised parks) as core elements of the future Green Infrastructure strategy.