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P01 Regione Toscana (IT)

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Component 4 - Methodology Testing and Action Plans (led by Larnaca District Development Agency)

[Final report to DOWNLOAD-pdf]

Description of the Pilot Area "Regione Toscana":

The pilot area is placed in the west sector of the Parco della Piana mainly in the countryside area of Prato Local Council but, at the same time, the position of the area is very important as it connects the rural area of Prato Local Council with that of the local councils of Campi Bisenzio and Signa and, in this way, with the rest of the Parco della Piana area.
The area encompasses around 900 hectares of arable land and shows remarkable continuity in term of agricultural exploitation and farms presence, landscape and environmental values to protect and recovery. Furthermore the area offers a possibility to connect the Etruscan archaeological area of Gonfienti - situated in the north-east of Prato local council - with the Medicean Historical Farm of Cascine di Tavola, in the south of Prato territory.