- Periurban Final Conference, Periurban Parks, adding value to our metropolitan areas! Florence, 25th/Oct/2012

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The Final Conference of the three years (2010-2012) Periurban Parks project took place in Florence, last 25th October, at the Auditorium Sant'Apollonia, with around 140 participants.

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The session was opened by Maria Clelia Mele, from the Regional Minister of Spatial Planning of the Tuscany Region and Lead Partner of the project.


Kelly Zielniewski, from the INTERREG IVC Joint Technical Secretariat explained the Priorities for the Future of next INTERREG programme. She insisted that the main aim of these type of projects is based on the principle of "learning by sharing". Next program will be launched in 2014.


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Maria Clelia Mele summarised the PERIURBAN project. 

It followed a Round Table on different topics regarding the creation and management of periurban parks, moderated by Richard Tufffs, director of the ERRIN network.


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Policy Recommendations

Two set of Policy Recommendations were presented:

1. FEDENATUR position on the new C.A.P 

2. Signature of PERIURBAN Policy Recommendations


Video presentation

Periurban Stories in Lombardy


Life presentation

Life presentation of "Rinascerò come il vento" by Giò Canavese, Mud and Luca Bonaffini, winners of the Parco Nord Milano song contest.

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Ramón Pardo, from Andalusia, presented the report: Nature and Countryside within the Urban Fringe. European Periurban areas: characterisation and management recommendations.


Klaus Hoppe, from the Frankfurt GreenBelt, presented the case of Frankfurt.

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Antonio Tagliaferri, from the Regional Government of Lombardy, explained the Ecological Network in Lombardy.

Daniel Vasini, from West8, gave a Masterclass, presenting the design of the following parks:

- Máximapark, in Nederland

- Governors Island

- Madrid Rio in Spain

11 October 2012