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PERIURBAN Parks had participated in some Regional / Interregional Seminars, you can download their schedules and some additional information in this section: 

  • Madrid, 28th/Nov/2012 - Workshop CONAMA 2012

"Periurban Parks: a bet from smart cities in crisis times." - 28th/November/2012

  • Seine-Saint-Denis, 28th/Nov/2012 - Local Event

"Structure green spaces sector to answer better the new demands " - 28th/November/2012

  • Lisbon, 30th/Oct/2012 - Local Event

"Workshop: Periurban Project" - 30th/October/2012

  • Lille, 19th/Oct/2012 - Last Local Event

"Green Network in the Periurban context: Exchange of Management Experiences" - 19th/October/2012

  • Milan, 05th/Oct/2012 - Local Event

"Il turismo rurale nei parchi periurbani" - 5th/October/2012

Programma IT

  • Vitoria-Gasteiz, 22nd/Jun/2012 - International Conference & Technical Visit

"Green infrastructure in the city: The role of periurban natural and rural spaces (22nd Jun)"

Program EN - FR - SP

  • Lille, 8th/Jun/2012 - ENLM (Colloque)

"ENLM-Colloque "Zones d'activités, maillons des trames vertes" - 8th/June/2012

  • Budapest, 22nd-24th/May/2012 - Interregional meeting: Technical Study

"Study Visit Danube-Ipoly National Park (22nd - 24th May) - Report"

  • Lille, 16th/Mar/2012 - ENLM (Colloque)

"ENLM-Colloque "Forêt, ville et biodiversité" - 16th/Mar/2012

  • Pratto, 16th/Dec/2011 - Forum

"Il Parco Agricolo per lo sviluppo locale" 

  • Lille, 4th/Nov/2011 - Interregional Meeting (Debate)

"Debate on Open Air Activities Sites in Periurban Parks"

"L'info mensuelle" - Nov 2011, Nº77

"Debate on Open Air Activities Sites in Periurban Parks" - Share experiences

  • Katowice, 8th-9th/Sep/2011 - International Conference

"City Green Areas" 

  • Lyon, 16th-17th/Jun/2011 - European Seminar

"When the town changes...From periurban natural areas to metropolitan natural parks"

"L'écho du Grand Parc" - Oct 2011, Nº10

Compte rendu in extenso - Colloque du 16 JUIN 2011

  • Katowice, 18th-19th/Nov/2010 - International Conference

"From the City to the Metropolis, the Quality of Life in the Metropolis"

  •  Seville, 5th-7th/May/2010 - Interregional Seminar (Technical Seminar)

"The Role of Natural Periurban Areas in Urban and Territorial Management Models"