Larnaca District Development Agency

Larnaca District Development Agency is a non-profit organization formed in 2003 to develop and implement structures and mechanism that function in the European Union. Its actions cover especially the district of Larnaca. The Development Agency of Larnaca represents the 4 Municipalities and 45 of the 48 Community Boards of the district of Larnaca, the Local Commercial Industrial Chamber of Larnaca, the Ladies Association of Rural Larnaca, some COOPs and the Union of Communities of Larnaca (its 48 members are all the Community Boards of the district of Larnaca).
According to the needs of the District of Larnaca, the Agency's responsibilities include various actions of direct relevance to the PERIURBAN project:
• Development planning of the broader area.
• Technical support to the public and local authorities in the fields of education and preparation and general socio-economical development cooperation.
• Protection of the environment, preservation of cultural heritage and development of internal cohesion of the district.
• Development of relations between the Local Self-Government of Cyprus, the EU Member-states, the Mediterranean, Middle East and Balkan Countries.

Expectations in the Project

Larnaca is one of the smaller districts in Cyprus, but includes Cyprus's largest international airport, a port and a marina and is an important tourist centre. The urban area of the city of Larnaca is in continuous expansion, thus raising the question of environmental management of periurban areas. Given the problems of urban sprawl, high tourism pressure and transport management, ANETEL wishes to support the creation of a periurban park, as part of an integrated development plan for green utilities infrastructure, information networks, smart green real estate and intelligent city services. It would include enhanced landscape features, open green spaces, leisure facilities and areas of biodiversity excellence. PERIURBAN can support the ANETEL in the creation of a master plan for this area.


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