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    Common profit Enterprise of Municipality of Zografou


    Julia Georgi


    0030 6944373022

    P.O. Box 13680
    103 10 Athens


Common profit Enterprise of Municipality of Zografou

Common profit Enterprise of Development  is an interprise under Municipality of Zografou. The enterprise manage European Projects and manage as well green space, considered to be a good practices in suburban management, and several green spaces with low mainenance, some of which are abandoned.

Expectations in the project

This project is in line with regional policy (2007-13) which aims to improve green spaces in Zografou anb broader in Athens as well.The partner has participated in 2 relevent projects within urban and periurban green spaces: Greenlink (INTERREG IIIB, MEDDOCC) considering linkage of green spaces of cities as facades, quality gates, urban environments to protect, develop and promote added value and upgrading of city life; GAD.Common profit Enterprise of Development is  Testing the Methodology and the Action Plans at special sites and will get a final Manangment Plan that can be tested at different similar areas and give the opportunity to be improved the green areas in Athens and managed with a proper way.


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