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    General Council of Seine-Saint-Denis

    Claire Marcadet

    0033 01 43 93 11 53

    Service des Relations Transversales
    Direction des Espaces Verts
    Conseil général de la Seine Saint-Denis
    Hôtel du Département
    93006 Bobigny Cedex


General Council of Seine-Saint-Denis

The territory of Seine-Saint-Denis covers 236 km² and was the home of 1,455,000 inhabitants in 2005. It is located in the suburb directly East of Paris. 40 cities compose this territory. Its location in the metropolitan area confers an important rate of urbanisation; approximately 90%.
Since its creation in 1964, the County Council of Seine-Saint-Denis has implemented an active political strategy for green and natural areas, biodiversity and landscapes. Thanks to grants allocated to cities, the surface area of green and natural areas increased from 300 hectares in 1969 to 1782 today.
Today the three main stakes for this territory are :
- Offer enough green spaces for citizens = a strong political will since the 70s
- Protect and promote biodiversity in these spaces
- Assure functional diversity : ecological (species, habitats) + social (landscape, leisure, education).
Seine-Saint-Denis has sets up several actions in order to improve these aspects:
- Harmonic management
- Natura 2000
- Creation of green networks
- Communication and public awareness

Expectations in the project

Our expectations in PERIURBAN project are to:
- Discover and learn about useful experiences
- Identify, thanks to a common methodology, means of improving our strategic action plan
- Exchange ideas and experiences on how to implement a green network
- Find a way to raise public awareness and communication

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