Regional Government of Tuscany
Project Coordinator

Regione Toscana, DG Environmental Policies, has long experience in the development of regional parks, having already created the Parco della Maremma, Parco delle Alpi Apuane and Parco di Migliarino.
Recently, focus has turned to the creation of the Parco della Piana fiorentina (www.parcodellapiana.it ), through a process involving various local councils and making €3million euro are available for pilot actions.

Expectations in the Project

Through the PERIURBAN Parks project, the Regione Toscana wants to share the experience of creating the Parco della Piana with other European partners. Regione Toscana has a lot of successful experiences to share with others in the same situation, but also a number of challenges that may be overcome through structured dialogue and exchange.


  • Cascine di Tavola Park
  • Aereal view of the flat lands
  • WWF Oasis: Stagni di Focognano
  • Pedestrian path in the flat lands
  • Mount Morello and the flat lands
  • Flat lands of Sesto Fiorentino
  • The flat lands looking towards Florence
  • The mountains of Calvana
  • Chiesa dellAutostrada (example of modern architecture)
  • Bridle path alongside the ditches
01 January 1970