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P06 City of Košice (SK)

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Component 4 - Methodology Testing and Action Plans (led by Larnaca District Development Agency)

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Description of the Pilot Area "City of Košice":

International project PERIURBAN, which promotes the exchange of experiences and good practices among periurban parks, presents 14 project partners across Europe with various types of periurban parks at different stages in terms of developing parks. Each periurban park has its challenges, needs and the different uses and functions that must be integrated into the policies of territorial planning and management of the city. To improve policies on management of periurban areas can not by obtain without any communication, cooperation, knowledge and sharing experiences at local, regional and international level.

Košice view

The City of Košice located in eastern Slovakia, represents and promotes interests of the city inhabitants, and their claims to a high quality and safe environment, on the basis of the Programme of economic and social development of the city. During the project implementation, within ongoing activities in the pilot areas and receiving feedbacks on key project documents, there is a close cooperation and communication with key local stakeholders - Municipal Forest Enterprise and NGO Sosna. Within the promotion of the project, there is communication with organizations at regional level - Košice Self-governing Region, Regional Environmental Office and Regional Building Office.

In case of the city of Košice, the pilot area consists of two parts: park Ťahanovce and park Bankov.

Park Bankov - traditionally a long-standing recreation location, fitted with cultural and historical objects, good transport infrastructure and forest park facilities and relatively far away from the densely populated neighbourhoods. In order to overcome obstacles and problems concerning management of the park Bankov, it is essential to monitor visitors - a type of user, number of visitors, periods of use and most used park areas. Lack of monitoring activities in both parks is the most current issue that needs to be addressed. These days is a preliminary monitoring of the area ongoing. For the city of Košice a big challenge for this part of the pilot area is to learn and adopt from the project partners experience how to improve management of the park and communication between park's manager, citizens and local authorities. These days we are focusing on cooperation with Municipal Forest Enterprise and City District, linking their plans in the park as its manager with a broader urban view and citizen's needs and requirements for development of the territory.The great challenge is to revaluate the zoning of the park.

Park Ťahanovce - in terms of recreational usage, a new location with insufficient infrastructure and forest park facilities, in an immediate vicinity of a densely populated housing-estate. The lack of tourist infrastructure, services for visitors and lack of information about this area are the most current issues that need to be addressed. For this purpose a questionnaire for inhabObrázokitants was prepared to obtain necessary information on public opinion, to find out their ideas and requirements on the park. Preparation of the questionnaire was done in close cooperation with project partners and sharing their experiences with preparation of this form of obtaining public opinion. Outcomes will be used in shaping and processing a detailed proposal of development of this area. Our challenge is to improve a short-term recreation for public in this part of the pilot area. This can only be done with close cooperation and communication with the Mayors of the City Districts and local groups (of cyclists, hikers, runners) and citizen participation - their direct involvement in the creation of the park proposals and ideas through an interactive leaflet.

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