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    The City of Košice


    Aneta Mihalková


    00421 55 6419 287

    Department of strategic development
    City of Košice
    Trieda SNP 48/A
    040 11 Košice
    Slovak Republic

The City of Košice

The city is the administrative centre of the Košice Region, located in the eastern Slovakia. In terms of its size and importance in the Slovak Republic, the city of Košice ranks right after the capital Bratislava.
The City of Košice represents and promotes interests of the city inhabitants, and their claims to a high quality and safe environment. Specific departments involved are: Strategic Development; Housing and Environment; Management of City Greenery and Municipal Forest Enterprise.
The programme of economic and social development of the city of Košice for 2009-11 is the underlying development document of city economic and social policy, on which all related action plans and other activities for sustainable development of the city and surrounding region are based.

Expectations in the project

The area of analysis within the PERIURBAN project is located on the border of the city and it contains wide forests, used as touristic and as well highly protected areas. The project is expected to raise awareness about management of periurban parks and their protection combined with sustainable public using. We expect high added value from exchange of experiences from other partners involved in the project in all considered fields of interest such as policy making, management, nature protection, tourism and communication towards stakeholders and public.

  • Periurban Forest Park of Kosice
  • Periurban Forest Park Koice - Orthophotomap
  • Periurban Forest Park  Koice - Alder wildwood fragments
  • Periurban Forest Park  Koice - educational path
  • Periurban Forest Park  Koice - Old castle site
  • Periurban Forest Park  Koice in Winter
  • Periurban Forest Park Koice - Typical beech forest
  • The City of Koice - Aerial view
  • Periurban Forest Park  Koice - Training Rock
  • Periurban Forest Park  Koice - Children Railway
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