Danube-Ipoly National Park Directorate

Danube-Ipoly National Park Directorate is a regional state organisation for nature conservation with an area of responsibility of around 880,000 hectares.
The main tasks of the Directorate are the following;
• preparation of nature designations (national protection and Natura 2000 sites, appr. 250 000 hectares)
• research of natural areas
• preparation of management plans
• preparation and implementation of nature projects
• environmental education, PR, ecotourism
• operation of ranger service
• area management of state owned lands (appr. 13 500 hectares)
• professional consultation with authorities, local governments

Expectations in the project

• The possibility to survey the area's environmental changes and values
• Greater connection with civil society associations
• Deeper communication between the authorities and users
• More possibility for environmental education (working together with universities)
In terms of potential results, the objectives are to:
• Update the management plan for Budai Hills Landscape Protection Area
• Negotiate and establish agreements with stakeholders (sport clubs, municipalities, NGOs)
• Designate sport routes (bicycle, horse, etc..)
• Collect new biotic data on insect taxons
• Prepare a habitat map of the Budai Hills (scale 1 : 10 000)
• Prepare up-to-date brochures and posters in foreign languages

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01 January 1970