Regional Government of Andalusia

The "Consejería de Medio Ambiente" is the Ministry for the Environment of the region of Andalusia. It is responsible of regional environmental management and, more specifically, it is in charge of the Protected Natural Areas Network of Andalusia (Red de Espacio Naturales Protegidos de Andalucía), an integrated system consisting of different protection figures among, which are included Periurban Parks. Andalusia accounts for a total of 209 protected natural areas, including the Natura 2000 Network, covering over 2.5 million hectares, an extension representing more than 29% of the region, and 30% of the amount of protected areas in Spain.

Expectations in the project

We expect this project will help us: 1) Carry out a process of classification and standardisation of our Periurban Park network. 2) Learn about other experiences and provide us with new tools and perspectives in order to help us determine what Periurban Parks should be, how many types there are and how they should be managed. 3) Help us put these areas into political and social perspective and, therefore, promote them economically.

  • Antequera
  • Archidona
  • Castala
  • Dehesa del Generalife
  • La Barrosa
  • La Zarza
  • Los Villares
  • Porzuna
  • porzuna
01 January 1970