Lisbon Municipality

The Parque Florestal de Monsanto (PFM), in Lisbon, has existed for 72 years, occupying an area of about 1000 hectares, in the urban area. It is equipped with a series of infrastructure for recreation , sports, environmental and cultural activities, in order to provide pleasant moments to citizens in their leisure time. When it was created, the park was almost totally treeless, having started planting in 1940. Today, the care taken in preserving the forest has allowed the National Forest Authority (NFA) to classify various forest stands.

Expectations in the project

The expectations of Lisbon Municipality are, firstly, to share with the other partners the experience at management level, accumulated over decades and, secondly, to seek solutions to overcome some difficulties: a) on the structure/functional organization of the services with competence for intervention in forested areas; b) seek to adapt to the reality of Lisbon, some of the best recreational offerings implemented by other partners; c) discuss ways to proactively engage citizens in park maintenance and thus combat the (current) passive attitude.

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01 January 1970