6th Project Meeting, Milano, 26th-27th/May/2011

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The 6th Periurban Project meeting was held in Milano (IT) on 26th-27th/May/2011. It was hosted by partner P7, the Regione Lombardia, and coorganised by the Parco Agricolo Sud Milano and the Parco Nord Milano. 

On the 26 th of May, there was a technical seminar focusing on Legal Status of Periurban Natural Areas and other Green Infrastructures, with the following program:

  • The development of policies in favour of periurban areas - Marco Di Tolle, Legal Expert
  • Periurban parks as subjects carrying out sustainable development policies - Matteo Crovetto, University of Milan
  • Overview of PERIURBAN Park partners - Aneta Mihalková, City of Kosice
  • Case Study: Seine-Saint-Denis - Claire Marcadet, Seine-Saint-Denis

In the afternoon, visit to the Parco Agricolo Sud Milano.

On the 27th May, work on the Common Methodology.

In the afternoon, visit to the Parco Nord Milano.


Here you can download the 6th Project Meeting PROGRAM.

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21 February 2011