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About Periurban Parks

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PERIURBAN is a regional initiative project, which uses interregional exchange of experiences to improve policies on management of natural suburban areas. PERIURBAN focuses specifically on policy and management solutions to mitigate pressures on biodiversity. Focus on the creation and management of parks in natural suburban areas, in line with European environment policy and redevelopment in suburban areas, can impact positively on the environment and on halting biodiversity loss.

PERIURBAN is an integration of 2 European initiatives: GreenLink led by Regione Toscana and CityNature promoted by FEDENATUR. Through cooperation, the leaders of these 2 initiatives saw the potential for real progress in the field on management of suburban areas for better environmental conditions.

PERIURBAN brings together 14 partners from 11 EU countries. Partners all have experience in and competencies to manage suburban areas, but are at different stages in terms of developing periurban parks. While some have long promoted such parks, and currently face management and sustainability concerns, others plan for their implementation and build on different suburban management experiences. Thus, this group of partners representing regional authorities, local authorities, periurban parks and associations of parks, learn from each others' experiences in a continuous process of exchange.